September 2023 Rising Sign Horoscopes

Read for your rising sign (and if you feel so compelled, your sun and moon, too!) 

Relationships are front and center for you this month. Your ruling planet Mars is spending all of September in your house of relationships, which usually could spell flirting or fighting and for you those are interchangeable, but with wounded warrior Chiron in your first house, you might feel compelled to act out. Do your best to be mindful of any potential outbursts. Between Mars in the 7th house and Venus stationing direct after a 6-week retrograde in your house of creativity and sex, September feels like a loaded month for your love life. But make sure not to get ahead of yourself while Mercury remains retrograde in your house of service and routine. Expect snafus and delays until at least September 15. By the end of the month, when the Full Moon lights up your first house, be prepared to release the parts of yourself that are getting in your own way. The results might surprise you.

Your relationship to home and comfort has been in flux due to ruling planet Venus being retrograde in Leo since July, but starting September 3, Venus is ready to incorporate the review and move forward. What have you learned? What needs to change? Whatever it is, be sure not to overdo it when Venus makes a tense square to overabundant Jupiter mid month. An opportunity for new creative beginnings arises with the Virgo New Moon on September 14 and with Jupiter in your first house, it could be particularly supportive. Keep an eye out for surprises and curveballs when Venus, finally direct, squares Uranus in your first house shortly after the Aries Full Moon on September 29. 

Whether you like it or not, house and home is taking a front and center role for you this month. Mercury is doing its backslide in your 4th house, leading to possible malfunctions and miscommunications at home or with family. But thankfully just as the Virgo New Moon on the  14th offers you an opportunity to start fresh, your planetary ruler gets its act together and stations direct on the 15th. By the end of the month, when the Sun in Libra shines a light on wounded warrior Chiron in your 11th house, you’ll have an opportunity to release the patterns that keep you feeling “othered” by your community, just be careful to avoid lashing out at any perceived wrongs.

What do you value most? Venus retrograde in your 2nd house of values and finances has offered an opportunity to reflect on what is important to you and when Venus stations direct on September 3 you’ll have a chance to incorporate what you’ve learned. The mid-month Virgo New Moon is the last before eclipse season and offers an opportunity to try out new ideas. Let the upcoming Venus square to Jupiter facilitate insightful journaling. Meanwhile action-oriented Mars is transiting through your 4th house this month and when it opposes Chiron on the 24th the potential for acting out at home is high. Give yourself grace to take a timeout if you need it and. If anything comes up that you’re ready to be rid of, take advantage of the Aries Full Moon on September 29 and let it go!

FINALLY! Venus has spent all of hot-girl summer in your first house, but now she’s stationing direct. If you were putting off any beauty upgrades, you’re in the clear to book those appointments now. What’s more is the next day, on September 4 the planet of abundance, Jupiter, stations retrograde and settles in for a prolonged stay in your house of career. The New Moon in Virgo mid-month is the last opportunity to manifest before eclipse season is upon us and with it lighting up your house of finances, it’s a great time to get clear about what those financial goals are. If you want to ask your boss for a raise, take advantage of the supportive Mercury trine to Jupiter on September 25. Expect the unexpected on September 29 when Venus and Uranus dust up on the heels of the fiery Aries Full Moon.

Usually when the Sun transits through your first house of identity, you feel seen, but this time Mercury Retrograde is co present, so things feel off. That feeling of being misunderstood should lift mid-month when the Virgo New Moon in your first house offers you a fresh start just as Mercury finally stations direct. Neptune’s influences could have you feeling depleted, so be sure to allow yourself time to rest. That rest will come in handy for the second half of the month when you’re asked to reckon with what is yours versus what is “ours.” Mars in Libra charges through your house of values and finances this month, while wounded warrior Chiron can have you acting from a place of scarcity. Use the Aries Full Moon on September 29 to release what’s holding you back.

Your planetary ruler Venus starts off the month by stationing direct in Leo and it is a kiss from the universe. Your light will be shining bright within your community and with action-oriented Mars in your first house, you’re likely going at full speed. You’ll be best served if you make time for introspection and rest when the New Moon in Virgo arrives mid-month.  That rest will come in handy when Chiron in Aries has you or your loved ones acting from a place of hurt around the 24th. Allow yourself the grace and room to release any emotional attachment you might have to any old stories you tell yourself regarding relationships when the impactful Aries Full Moon illuminates your 7th house on September 29.

While Venus in Leo continues her prolonged stay in your house of career, you have Jupiter, the planet of abundance filing an extension in your 7th house. These two are poised to make you a hot commodity this month, but not without challenge. Your planetary co-ruler Mars spends the month in your house of shadows, asking or perhaps demanding that you make room for your inner well-being. The relationship between day-to-day duties and your subconscious world is being challenged. Do your best to be gentle with yourself and others during this time, even if it means saying no to an enticing offer. The Aries New Moon on September 29 could provide extra insight into what you’re ready to step away from.

Mercury Retrograde in your house of career is keeping you on your toes until mid-month  - asking you to revisit old ideas, review any plans, and resend the email (this time WITH the attachment). Thankfully your planetary ruler, Jupiter, the planet of optimism and abundance is offering a positive attitude with an extended stay in your 6th house. And while you’re always up for adventure, be careful not to take on too much. Mars in Libra dancing through your house of community is at odds with wounded warrior Chiron in Aries, adding the potential for confrontation over perceived slights. Lean into Venus now that she’s direct in your 9th house of philosophy, perhaps the period of Venus retrograde offered you an opportunity to shift your broader outlook. 

Have you taken the time to review your values as they relate to your relationships? What are your values and what are “ours?” With Venus stationing direct in Leo, you’ll have the opportunity to incorporate those lessons this month. But the relationship narrative continues as Mars in Libra marches through your 10th house and opposes Chiron in Aries. Chiron’s stay in Aries has highlighted some wounds related to home and this month Mars takes those hurts personally. Watch out for bad behavior - whether from you or the people around you. What makes itself known during this time can be released with effort come the end of the month and the Aries New Moon. Utilize Jupiter’s extended stay in your 5th house of joy to indulge in some levity, you’ve earned it.

Was it a hot girl summer or was it a hot memory summer? Venus has been in your 7th house of relationships since June, and retrograde since late July - bringing old relationships out of the woodwork or out of the memory bank. But now that Venus is direct, expect anything that belongs in the past to remind you why you left it there in the first place. Jupiter extending its stay in your 4th house offers a welcome distraction to indulge more in your living space, just be careful not to overdo it because with Jupiter indulgence quickly becomes excess if we’re not careful. The last week of September brings struggle when Mars in Libra opposes Chiron in your 3rd house, challenging long held beliefs. What is your relationship to the bigger picture? Are you letting old narratives hold you back from expanding your worldview? If you’re ready to expand, utilize the Aries Full Moon on the 29th to let go of what’s limiting you.

While Mercury spends half of the month retrograde in your 7th house, you have an opportunity to revisit old ideas regarding relationships. Which of those ideas has served you? Which did you intend to explore but just never did? It’s true that Mercury retrograde in the 7th house could imply communication with people from your past, but in the context of the Virgo New Moon on September 14th, you’re being invited to explore what kind of boundaries might be appropriate or necessary with regards to your relationships. Boundaries are never a Piscean favorite topic, but this is the first Virgo New Moon since Saturn entered your first house. And Saturn LOVES boundaries. Utilize the Mercury trines to Jupiter and Uranus during the last week of the month to support any difficult conversations you might need to have.