October 2023 DOUBLE ECLIPSE Horoscope


* Read Sun, Moon, and Rising
** Take what resonates and leave the rest

A piece of advice for ALL signs: Do not try to manifest or release (or any moon ritual work) with this month's lunations since this October both the New Moon and the Full Moon are eclipses. And when we experience eclipses we are meant to observe, not engage.  


This month is all about relationships for you, Aries. Coming off the heels of the powerful (and potentially heavy) Aries Full Moon, the topic of relationships is top of mind. And with your planetary ruler Mars squaring off with Pluto (the planet of obsession, control, and power), you might not be on your best behavior. If you can summon enough strength to pause before acting, you’ll be doing yourself and your loved ones a real favor. If you’re not in a relationship, be cautious with any romantic rendezvous around October 8. The New Moon on October 14 is an eclipse (!!!!) in the sign of Libra (aka your relationship sector.) Eclipses block us from seeing the truth, so just know that with regards to anything that comes up around the eclipse - you don’t have all the information. More will be revealed in time, but for now act with caution.

My advice to you this month, sweet Taurus? Spend the majority of October building trust and deepening understanding in your relationships. When Mars moves into the sign of Scorpio (your relationship sector) on October 11, expect things to come up in your relationships. Thankfully Saturn in Pisces offers you a supportive hand, affording you the bandwidth for problem-solving and structure-building within the bounds of partnerships. Let yourself have fun and get flirty around October 21 when Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus sync up. You’ll be glad you spent time and effort fortifying your relationships when the major Lunar Eclipse in your sign rocks us all on October 28. Another thing to consider is that Mars and Mercury, both in Scorpio, will be at odds with Jupiter that same day. Jupiter loves doing too much and might have you overconfident with your words and actions, but eclipses are notorious for bringing surprises, so expect the unexpected.



Ideas and plans that Mercury sorted (and resorted - thanks Mercury Retrograde) with regards to home and career in September will be visited by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this month. Saturn is taking it’s sweet time asking you to institute plans with regard to career, while Venus affords you extra comfort and refuge with regards to your home life. In practice this could spell out a nesting of sorts - beautifying your home or simply indulging in some high quality items that will be not only comforting, but practical. By mid month when Mars makes it’s way into your house of service, work, and routine, you’ll have the energy and support to conquer life’s responsibilities. Saturn’s influence doesn’t feel great in action, but it’s results are always in your best interest. Stay the course, Gemini. The universe has your back.

This month try not to be the hurt person, hurting people. When Mars moves into your sector of home and squares off with Pluto on October 8, there is a chance for a dust up around power struggles at home or within partnerships. Just days later, on October 14, when we experience our first eclipse of the month (yes, there are TWO eclipses this month,) you might find yourself believing some old hurtful narratives. Under the influence of an eclipse, I advise you to remember you don’t have all the information, so it’s wise not to say or do anything you can’t take back. Don’t let a wounded ego cause irreparable damage and try to remember that the story of an eclipse will play out over the next 6 months. Let the universe reveal what you need to know in due time. The final lunation on October 28, is our second Eclipse of the month and with Jupiter joining the Moon, we’re all in for big feelings. But no one is better suited to hold space for the feelings than you, Moon Child.

Venus officially leaves your sign this month after a very long summer and when it does, you have an opportunity to take a look at financial responsibility. Saturn is offering Venus its support in planning and structuring, so if finances have been coming up for you, use this time to buckle down. Financial savvy looks really good on you, Leo. Plus, with Mars making its move into your home sector, my guess is there could be projects (or perhaps a move) at home. Not a bad time to be financially responsible. With the Solar Eclipse on October 14 in your house of communication, you are well suited to explore new ideas. But be wary of ego involvement with what you learn. An open mind is no place for an inflated ego. The end of the month spells drama when the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus lights up your career and home sectors. Big ideas and egos square off with even bigger feelings. Use this time to gather information and be wise not to over indulge.

Mercury’s last few days in your sign are not boring. Under the influence of Neptune, your ideas and visions could be other-worldly, something that usually doesn’t resonate with you, practical Virgo, but with Pluto offering a supportive trine the following day, there will be power in the follow through of those ideas. Let your dreams be transformative for you and your loved ones. Shortly after Mercury leaves, Venus, the planet of love and beauty shows up and immediately gets to work with responsibility-minded Saturn. October 8 is a great time to look at what is and isn’t working regarding your close relationships. Saturn’s request is always that we recognize the issue and handle it, or else greater consequences will find us later. Money, values and finances are coming up with the Solar Eclipse on October 14, but as is the case with all eclipses, we don’t have all the information. Expect the unexpected. Allow yourself some levity and indulgence when Venus and Jupiter exchange glances on October 21 - a great date for a date, imo. If your old ideas and old ways of thinking feel challenged when the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus heightens emotions on October 28, be careful not to act out from ego (even if you’re right.)

Libra energy is typically concerned with balance in relationships and often that means checking in with those around you. But this month the focus is less on them and more on you. Watch out for forcing your will and engaging in power struggles while Mars squares off with Pluto on October 8. Considering Chiron will be at odds with the Sun, you might find yourself believing old hurtful stories about yourself and that’s never a great place from which to act. The Solar Eclipse in your sector of self on October 14 spells a major shift for you, Libra. But as it goes with Eclipses, the story will unfold over the next 6 months. Let the Universe show you more. After the Sun leaves your sign, the October 28 Lunar Eclipse will take place in your sector of values, resources, and finances - my suggestion to you? Don’t try to buy happiness. You don’t have all the pieces to this puzzle and could be setting yourself up for long term consequence. 

This month ushers in your season, Scorpio. While I don’t usually use the word “mercy” when referring to Saturn, this month Saturn’s presence in Pisces offers you some merciful support for your plans and ideas. Saturn is affording you structure for all that you have going on and you have a LOT going on. The mid-month Solar Eclipse in Libra begs the question: how does the way you show up for your day to day responsibilities hurt or harm your relationship to inner peace. Make room for changes to unfold over the next 6 months. By the time the Lunar Eclipse lights up your house of relationships on October 28, you will be acting from a place of serious intensity (and that’s saying something for you, Scorpio.) There is profound potency for intimacy beyond the norm with this Eclipse. More will be revealed; no need to rush.

Let yourself indulge in new ideas and approaches while Mercury gets lost in conversation with both Neptune and Pluto in the early days of October, Sagittarius. There will be a potency to conversations that take place around October 2. The unfolding story regarding your relationship to community will take a new turn with the Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14. Let me assure you: it is possible to be your authentic self and still belong. Be wary of keeping busy for the sake of being busy and at the expense of your own inner peace, Sag. The Full Moon Eclipse on October 28 will highlight all the ways in which that isn’t working. And for what it’s worth, when Venus and Uranus lock up on Halloween, I encourage you to get weird(er.)

Tensions are high thanks to October’s bevy of planets in Libra squaring off with Pluto in your sign, Capricorn. Issues regarding career and public life might have you engaging in power struggles (intentionally or not.) Be careful not to act unilaterally when the Libra Solar Eclipse makes professional relationships the center of attention on October 14. Indulge in some flirting and fun on October 21 because you know what they say about all work and no play, Capricorn. Things hit a fever pitch with the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 28. Expect the unexpected with regards to your relationship to community. The Universe will likely show you exactly what is not for you. Consider it a blessing.

Are your long standing ideas of the world being challenged? How adaptable are you when it comes to listening to the point of views of others? What does it mean about you if you let the people around you have their own convictions without telling them exactly what you think of said convictions? The activity in the sign of Libra this month is lighting up your sector of philosophy and the world at large, Aquarius. And with Pluto engaging in challenges, it’s likely that power struggles and ego involvement will play a large role. Let the Solar Eclipse on 10/14 be an opportunity to sit with the discomfort and trust that the answers will come. Your capacity for hard work and discipline will be boosted by the Saturn trine to your sector of career during the week of October 22. Make good use of it. You might not recognize it immediately, but there’s an end of an era coming with the Lunar Eclipse in your sector of home. Feelings will be intense almost immediately, but the full extent of this ending will play out over the next 6 months. Disruptions aren’t always bad - just unexpected.

For you, Pisces, October is about relationships - to others, to resources, and to ideas. Supportive trines from Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto to your sector of committed relationships are offering a hand in exploring what a relationship ideal looks like and how it might feel. Let yourself dive deeper. Meanwhile, October has TWO Eclipses in store for us all. The Lunar Eclipse on October 14 highlights your relationship to resources and values - what is yours vs what is OURS? If something is shared, how much ownership can you justifiably claim? Try to check in with yourself to see how involved your ego might be in the matter. Make room for a flirty date night on October 21 and a quirky date night on October 31 - wear a costume! Expect deep talks and big feelings with the October 28 Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus. A big shift is coming with regards to how you see the world at large. Let the details reveal themselves to you in time.