May 2024 Horoscopes FSAS


* Read Sun, Moon, and Rising
** Take what resonates and leave the rest
*** The date is the exactitude of a transit, but the energies will be felt for the days surrounding.
**** These horoscopes are a generalization. For insight specific to you, book a reading!

5/3: You’re a bundle of energy today. Use it.
5/6: Speak power to your sensitivities.
5/7: Invest where you mean it.
5/13: Do your relationships contribute to your sense of peace?
5/15: Where’s your wallet?
5/17: Magnifying mind much?
5/18: Spoil yourself, just don’t overdo it.
5/19: Listen to your favorite album with your eyes closed.
5/22: The will is strong with this one.
5/23: Let yourself part ways with old beliefs in favor of what could be.
5/25: Get by with a little help from your friends.
5/27: Ask for the help you need.
5/29: Don’t act on your fearful impulses.
5/30: Well, that was unexpected.

5/3: There are two wolves inside of you, and they’re both sharpening their claws.
5/6: Let your community care for you.
5/7: Make room to experience yourself in a new way.
5/13: Surprise yourself and accept the help.
5/17: What other people think of you is none of your business.
5/18: You’re feeling yourself and other people are feeling you too.
5/19: Be blissed out.
5/22: A firm backbone looks good on you.
5/23: Shed the old. And embody the new.
5/25: Diversify that portfolio, babe.
5/27: Clear and concise and everything nice.
5/29: Be gentle with yourself.
5/30: Say what you mean, even if they’re not expecting it.


5/3: Take a group exercise class.
5/6: The call is coming from inside the house. Put the phone down.
5/7: Be your own best friend today.
5/13: How about an after-work massage?
5/17: Obsessing about an issue never made it smaller.
5/18: Meditate. See what you find.
5/19: Let yourself rest.
5/22: You’re renewed and refreshed. Lean into it.
5/23: Drop the rock. You’ll be glad you did.
5/25: Look good, feel good, play good.
5/27: Organize your thoughts.
5/29: Trigger warning.
5/30: Try to understand yourself better.

5/3: Busy with commitments to everyone but yourself.
5/6: Let your community guide you away from your fears.
5/7: Embrace a new community.
5/13: Meet new people and remember their names.
5/17: If you shove your message down their throat, you’ll both choke.
5/18: Cue “Popular” by Nada Surf
5/19: Let your will be influenced by your ideals.
5/22: It’s a wonderful day for some shadow work.
5/23: Get creative with your routines. You might find it’s time to part ways with the old.
5/25: You contain multitudes. Explore them.
5/27: Brainstorm with friends.
5/29: You deserve to take up space.
5/30: A big day for big news.


5/3: The big picture is getting bigger.
5/6: Lend your voice where it is needed.
5/13: Today the exciting thing and the responsible thing might be one and the same.
5/17: As much as you want to tell them to shove it, maybe don’t.
5/18: Cue Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire”
5/19: Inspiration is there if you look for it.
5/22: You’re influential.
5/23: Tonight I want you to howl at the moon.
5/25: If you want it, you can have it.
5/27: File. Sort. Organize.
5/29: Challenges feel personal. They’re likely not.
5/30: Keep a watchful eye on that inbox.

5/3: Utilize passion.
5/6: Buck your fear of intimacy and have that deep talk.
5/7: A sign of intellect is the ability to change your mind.
5/13: Let yourself switch things up.
5/17: Don’t waste your time.
5/18: Explore new avenues. You’ll like what you find.
5/19: You could totally live abroad.
5/22: You’re glowing and it’s impossible to miss.
5/23: The emotions are big, but the possibilities are endless.
5/25: You can have your pick of the litter.
5/27: Get into the details of it.
5/29: Fear is a powerful motivator. Just not always a wise one.
5/30: Groundbreaking.

5/3: Sparks will fly.
5/6: The old narrative makes an appearance. Observe it and move on.
5/7: Sharing is caring.
5/13: You have more access than you realize. Use it wisely.
5/17: Intimacy doesn’t imply no right to privacy.
5/18: Inheritance comes in many forms.
5/19: Vibrate at a higher level.
5/22: Today, you level up.
5/23: Unfollow. You’re built for more than this.
5/25: Try more than one flavor.
5/27: Get more information. You’ll know what to do with it.
5/29: Old behaviors breed old reactions.
5/30: Try not to gasp.

5/3: You’re a machine.
5/6: Look for gratitude.
5/7: Time for a fresh start.
5/13: Let them take you on a date.
5/17: Don’t let overthinking ruin this for you.
5/18: Go with it.
5/19: Imagine the possibilities.
5/22: Team work makes the dream work.
5/23: You don’t have to go it alone.
5/25: Go deep.
5/27: Define the relationship.
5/29: What’s that they say when everyone you meet in a day is an as*hole?
5/30: Well that conversation took a left turn.

5/3: Cue Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On”
5/6: Accept some support today.
5/7: Refresh how you operate.
5/13: Try on an alter ego.
5/17: The loudest voice in the room isn’t necessarily the wisest.
5/18: The mirror is looking really cute today.
5/19: The three Cs: coffee, crossword, couch.
5/22: Use your power wisely.
5/23: Sometimes we’re standing in the way of our own abundance.
5/25: You’re magnetic.
5/27: Discuss rights and responsibilities in your relationships.
5/29: Don’t let your insecurities write the narrative.
5/30: What’s your new favorite song?

5/3: Hire movers.
5/6: You are not your fears. No matter how loud they are.
5/7: There’s a new story to tell.
5/13: Accept the compliments today.
5/17: Hyperfixation will have you seeing stars.
5/18: You’re beautiful and popular and everybody knows it.
5/19: You’re inspired and inspiring.
5/22: You have the capacity to handle it today.
5/23: Let creativity be your medium for grief.
5/25: There’s beauty in the mundane.
5/27: Textual healing.
5/29: Our deepest wounds motivate us the most. Don’t lash out.
5/30: It needs to be said.


5/3: You’re making your point.
5/6: Did they text in that tone? Or did you read it in that tone?
5/7: Refresh your home.
5/13: Make an offer.
5/17: No one wants to be bossed around.
5/18: Redecorate your space.
5/19: Start a new Pinterest board.
5/22: Cue Madonna’s “Express Yourself”
5/23: You don’t need to cater to people who don’t want to see you win.
5/25: Light a candle.
5/27: Responsible choices look great on you.
5/29: Texts can be unsent, but screenshots are forever.
5/30: Pivot as needed.

5/3: Let your values guide you.
5/6: You are enough, you have enough, you do enough.
5/7: Start a gratitude thread.
5/13: Go viral for something esteemable.
5/17: Never feed the trolls.
5/18: You’re pretty and witty. What’s not to love?!
5/19: Download a mediation app.
5/22: Hold court at your dining room table.
5/23: Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
5/25: Create an oasis at home.
5/27: Get real.
5/29: You can’t buy happy.
5/30: You won’t believe who just started following you.