March 2024 Horoscopes for Short Attention Spans


* Read Sun, Moon, and Rising
** Take what resonates and leave the rest
*** The date is the exactitude of a transit, but the energies will be felt for the days surrounding.

3/1: Get in where you fit in.
3/3: Join that very niche book club you heard about.
3/4: Consider what no longer works. Give yourself permission to let it go.
3/5: Challenge yourself to grow past what feels safe.
3/8: Pay close attention to your intuition today.
3/9: Interpersonal explosions are likely. Don’t light the fuse.
3/10: Make room for a fresh start from within.
3/17: You have permission to rest.
3/20: Be honest, but not defensive.
3/21: No one is their best self when being told “no.”
3/25: The story is unfolding, pay attention.


3/1: Let your colleagues tell you how great you are.
3/3: Surprise your bosses with some out of the box inspirations.
3/5: Don’t be afraid of what’s behind the curtain. Learn from it.
3/6: You’re capable of leading the charge today.
3/8: Don’t share anything your most skeptical self would scoff at.
3/9: Before you act, ask yourself if you’re ready to get HR involved.
3/10: Consider your squad goals.
3/17: Sign up for the restorative yoga class.
3/20: Therapy appointments are very on trend.
3/21: Cut some slack for yourself and others today.
3/24: Say yes to the brunch invite.
3/25: You can’t put everyone before yourself and shouldn’t have to.
3/28: They’re not expecting you to show up. So show up.

3/3: Let yourself break free, but be honest about it.
3/4: Share that out of the box idea.
3/5: Maybe you’re not as terminally unique as you think you are.
3/8: Meditate on your idea, but don’t pitch it just yet.
3/9: Try paving a new path without burning a bridge.
3/10: Use your powers of persuasion wisely.
3/17: Turn your phone off.
3/20: Be honest, but not impulsive.
3/21: Beautify your workspace - even the boring parts.
3/25: How you handle your relationships today will have ripples for the next 6 months.
3/28: Take a small creative risk. As a treat.

3/1: It would be really cute to hang out with a friend today…
3/3: and kinda hot to go on a date today.
3/4: Swap stories with a pal.
3/5: Choose to let the fear be a catalyst for growth.
3/8: Praying is asking the question. Meditating is listening for the answer.
3/9: Can you act from your values without exploding?
3/10: Communicate with purpose.
3/17: Use what energy you do have to be compassionate to yourself.
3/20: Be honest about what’s holding you back.
3/21: When people ask you what it is you want, it’s good to have an answer – even if it seems impossible.
3/25: Your home is demanding your attention. Listen in good faith.
3/28: Make room for their potential.


3/1: Did you do your taxes?
3/3: A surprise encounter with a cutie pie?? Yes, please.
3/5: Consider how you fit into the bigger picture, even if it scares you.
3/6: Treat your partner the way you want to be treated.
3/8: Dream responsibly.
3/9: Get weird. Consensually.
3/10: Establish shared footing.
3/17: Treat yourself to a day in bed.
3/20: Say what you mean and mean what you say.
3/21: Get real.
3/24: A kiss of good luck.
3/25: What or who have you taken for granted?

3/1: Use today to shine, even if you feel dull.
3/3: Switch up your routine.
3/4: Tell your partner something they would never expect.
3/5: Challenge your fears of intimacy.
3/8: It’s a puddle, not a mirror.
3/9: Lean into the changes, but don’t kick the door down.
3/10: Use transformative conversations to start a new chapter with your honey.
3/17: A day for lounging and crossword puzzles. Delicious.
3/20: Watch what you say. Bells can’t be unrung.
3/21: Responsibility in relationships, please.
3/24: Plan a double date.
3/25: How do you contribute to the shared pot?
3/28: Add a teaspoon of spice to your romantic life.

3/1: Donate some time.
3/3: Let yourself get weird.
3/4: Explore some out of the box ideas.
3/5: Tend to an old relationship wound; get ready for your flowers.
3/6: Sensual massage, anyone?
3/8: Don’t give more of yourself than exists.
3/9: First consent, then kink.
3/10: Try a new routine.
3/17: Sometimes self-care is a nap.
3/20: Say only what you’re sure of.
3/21: Consider the boundaries of your relationship.
3/25: A healthy relationship is comprised of whole people, not two halves to make one whole.
3/28: Date night.

3/1: Sometimes intimacy is holding hands.
3/3: Swap sides of the bed.
3/4: Share your favorite guilty pleasure show with your babe. Watch theirs.
3/5: Practice being of service.
3/8: To quote Johnny from Dirty Dancing: “This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine.”
3/9: You ask them to vacuum the rug; they throw it away.
3/10: Rearrange and redecorate.
3/17: Use protection.
3/20: Some conversations require tact, and we’re pretty low on tact today.
3/21: Take time with the details.
3/25: Sometimes the subtle feelings carry the most weight.
3/28: Explore a new angle.

3/1: Write in a gratitude journal from your favorite coffee shop.
3/3: Snap photos of the discreet beauty all around you.
3/4: Try a new recipe.
3/5: Acknowledge your gifts. Share them with others.
3/8: Write down your wish list.
3/9: Take the side streets.
3/10: Consider your surroundings. Plant a garden.
3/17: Take a long bath. Paint your toenails.
3/20: Write it down.
3/21: Go through some old boxes. Let what you find inspire you.
3/24: Yard sale!
3/25: Try diplomacy.
3/28: Hang a vintage mirror.

3/1: Native plants are blooming. Let them inspire you.
3/3: Invest in some out-there art.
3/4: Spark a conversation with a stranger.
3/5: Childhood wounds cut the deepest, but carry the most potential.
3/8: Gossip is for the uninteresting.
3/9: Let your values compel you.
3/10: Form new relationships with your neighbors.
3/17: If you leave the house, don’t go far.
3/20: Speak from honesty, not impulse.
3/21: Consider beautifying your community.
3/25: Whose opinions matter most to you?
3/28: Try a new restaurant.


3/1: Let what you value have a place in your home.
3/3: Look in the back of your closet. Come up with a new outfit.
3/5: Let a difficult text start a meaningful conversation.
3/6: Go for a run. Count the flowers.
3/8: Write the email, but don’t press send.
3/9: Say it with me: Surprises. Not explosions.
3/10: You can explain, but you don't have to convince.
3/17: Maybe don’t open your wallet today.
3/20: Block button finger game strong.
3/21: No nonsense.
3/24: Put your money where your mouth is.
3/25: You must zoom out to address the big picture,
3/28: Donate what you don’t need. Buy what you do.

3/1: Practice some positive affirmations.
3/3: Be kind to yourself in brand new ways.
3/4: Change your bio.
3/5: Don’t let financial insecurity stop you from what is meant for you.
3/6: Lead with compassion. Start with yourself.
3/8: Step away from the edibles.
3/9: Practice radical self acceptance.
3/10: Talk to an accountant.
3/17: Rest and recharge.
3/20: Speak power into your values.
3/21: Try an at-home facial.
3/24: Usually a fairy, but today you’re a social butterfly.
3/25: Consider what you share and what you keep.
3/28: A coffee shop meet-cute? Yes, please.