Horoscopes for Short Attention Spans - FEBRUARY 2024


* Read Sun, Moon, and Rising
** Take what resonates and leave the rest
*** The date is the exactitude of a transit, but the energies will be felt for the days surrounding.

2/2: Brainstorm at work. Your ideas might be inspired.
2/5: Did they actually SAY that? Or is that just what you heard?
2/7: Let yourself explore something new today.
2/8: The word of the day is *curveball*
2/9: Don’t be too attached to what you’re manifesting.
2/10: If you open a weird email from a friend, don’t click the link.
2/13: Try not to paint with a sledgehammer.
2/16: The hottest club in town is the group chat.
2/17: Any invite you have to guilt your way into isn’t worth getting.
2/21: Make art with your friends.
2/24: In: Embracing organization. Out: Spending your life savings at the Container Store.
2/27: As the kids say - “you doin too much.”
2/28: Responsibility on a Wednesday.


2/2: Create an itinerary for that trip with your bestie.

2/4: Your work phone won’t stop ringing today…
2/5: … and if you’re not careful, you might tell your manager where to shove it.
2/7: Try a new mediation today.
2/8: Not the day for an extended lunch break.
2/9: A new career opportunity could appear today. Watch out.
2/10: Does it sound like you’re bragging? Are you?
2/13: If you must, reach for the scalpel, not the chainsaw.
2/16: Call an impromptu meeting.
2/17: How many times can Great Aunt Edna die? Just ask for the day off.
2/21: A day of acting on our values? Sexy.
2/24: Don’t try to solve the problem with gifts. Just say sorry.
2/27: Yes, you can. But that doesn’t mean you should.
2/28: Consider your rights and responsibilities in your friendships.

2/2: Get a journal. Write in it.
2/5: People are feeling tender. You’re people.
2/7: Invest in some alone time.
2/8: You’re feeling particularly compelled to start a cult today. Maybe don’t.
2/9: No, seriously. No cults.
2/10: May I suggest a philosophical debate instead?
2/13: Choose inspiration over ego.
2/15: Open up to someone you trust.
2/16: Start that book you’ve been putting off.
2/17: Obsession demands control. Devotion refuses it.
2/21: Not everyone will be as passionate about it as you are. And that’s ok.
2/24: Let go responsibly.
2/27: Your intentions are good, but you can’t be everywhere at once.
2/28: Work is demanding your attention. And today you have attention to give.

2/2: Dream with your sweetie today.
2/5: This is not the hill you want to die on.
2/7: Boring people are bored. And you’re not boring.
2/8: Show up as you are. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem.
2/9: Don’t make investments without ALL the information.
2/10: Are those your secrets to tell?
2/13: Have a condom handy.
2/15: Be vulnerable.
2/16: Your ideas are a bit untethered today. Have fun, but come back to earth.
2/17: Profound AND intense? 🥵
2/21: Indulge in intimacy with someone who deserves it.
2/24: Let go of old ideas, but don’t break the bank in the process.
2/27: Pace yourself.
2/28: It’s time to stop being polite, and start getting real. The Real World.
2/29: Grab coffee with a friend.


2/2: Stop and chat with a neighbor.

2/5: I regret to inform you: how you feel about your days is not your partner's responsibility.
2/7: Give yourself a work makeover.
2/8: You’re surprising the people closest to you…
2/9: … and they might surprise you in return.
2/10: Be careful not to burn yourself while spilling the tea.
2/13: No sharp objects today, k thanks.
2/15: What does “ethical” mean in your relationships?
2/16: You’re easily distractable tod– squirrel!
2/17: “Every Breath You Take” by the Police isn’t a love song.
2/21: Energies like today are why makeup sex is a thing.
2/24: Put your wallet away. Today is not the day for investments.
2/27: Overextending yourself causes harm to you and the people who count on you.
2/28: Do your taxes today. Seriously.

2/2: Share your joy.

2/5: Some things are better left unsaid. Tread lightly.
2/7: Look beyond your regular sources of inspiration.
2/8: Find someone to cover your shift if you decide to take a trip.
2/9: It’s time for something new, but you can’t plan this one.
2/10: Gossiping with good intentions is still gossip.
2/12: Watch your step.
2/13: Release some creativity.
2/16: Talk to your pets. They’re a wonderful audience.
2/17: Invest energy in what’s important to you, but not all of it.
2/21: Motivated. Inspired. In your lane.
2/22: Respond to your DMs.
2/24: It’s important not to lose yourself even in the most just of causes.
2/27: Don’t forget to eat, sleep, and brush your teeth.
2/28: Show up for your relationships today. Be accountable.

2/2: Try communing with the early morning.

2/5: Past heartbreak is no excuse for bad behavior.
2/7: Consider redecorating with some fancy hand-me-downs.
2/8: If you offer an interpretive dance to your literary agent, don’t be surprised when they scoff.
2/9: Your new creations will surprise even you.
2/10: Some ideas should be kept close to the vest.
2/13: Control is not love.
2/16: Trying to collect your thoughts is an exercise in futility. Your ideas have ideas.
2/17: Manipulating to get what you want is an abuse of power.
2/21: If you can get it, get it.
2/24: Don’t hide from the big feelings in creature comforts.
2/27: Too much of a good thing is still too much.
2/28: Your to-do list has some demands.
2/29: Ask your barista how they’re doing.

2/2: Consider the ways your neighborhood is dreamy.

2/5: Don’t force your opinions down the throats of others.
2/7: Take your boo to your favorite hometown restaurant.
2/8: They hardly recognize you.
2/9: No one transforms like you, but even you will be surprised by this one.
2/10: TMI alert. Reel it in.
2/13: Mind the sharp edges around you and within you.
2/15: Talk it out.
2/16: Now THIS is news.
2/17: Beware the four horsemen: manipulation, guilt, jealousy, and obsession.
2/21: It doesn’t HAVE to be a blood oath.
2/24: Use today to be social with people who like you back.
2/27: Optimism has you saying yes to everything. You’ll probably have to cancel.
2/28: Support your creative outlets with structure.

2/2: Dream of making the world a better place.

2/4: Reconnect with a childhood friend.
2/5: Put your messages on mute.
2/7: Variety is the spice of life, babe.
2/8: They don’t know what to do with you today.
2/9: A can of worms has been opened. Do with it what you will.
2/10: This game of telephone is getting really messy.
2/13: Rearrange your room, but beware of sharp corners.
2/16: The goss is hot.
2/17: They call it fixation.
2/21: Point your energy towards your passions.
2/24: Host a dinner party.
2/27: The line between optimism and excessiveness is blurry today.
2/28: Your home needs your attention. Wear your grown up pants.


2/2: Part your hair differently today.

2/4: Got your mind on your money and your money on your mind. But that’s nothing new.
2/5: You can’t buy your way out of hurt feelings.
2/7: You’re hot today. Take a risk with your appearance.
2/8: Invest in your soul, not in your ego.
2/9: Anything you put your money towards today will surprise you.
2/10: Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
2/13: Wield your power wisely.
2/15: Explore how your values were shaped by your youth.
2/16: If you’re going to be distracted, at least make it fun.
2/17: Avoid trying to use purse strings as puppet strings.
2/21: Be decisive.
2/24: Dream big but spend small.
2/27: As much as you might want to, you can’t do it all.
2/28: Work on that backlog of unread emails.


2/2: Pay attention to your dreams.

2/5: Power of persuasion not manipulation.
2/7: Treat yourself to some new bedding.
2/8: Weird is your middle name.
2/9: But even you didn’t see this coming.
2/10: If words are flowing, you’ve sprung a leak.
2/13: Act with purpose, not with force.
2/15: Respond to the text.
2/16: Share your weirdest ideas.
2/17: Tunnel vision takes over.
2/21: Express yourself à la Madonna.
2/24: Hang with friends, but share the spotlight.
2/27: Cool your jets.
2/28: You are responsible for your finances.

2/2: Accept the compliments.

2/4: Try astral projection.
2/5: You are more than what you have.
2/7: Share beauty and grace with your community.
2/8: If you can’t show up in person, FaceTime in.
2/9: Meditate and listen.
2/10: Remember the difference between optimism and blind faith.
2/13: Don’t gang up on yourself.
2/16: Write your dreams down.
2/17: Watch which narratives you’re reinforcing.
2/21: Make an appointment with your therapist.
2/24: You can tell someone is going through it by how many inspirational quotes they’re posting.
2/27: This too is passing.
2/28: Check in with yourself. What do you need?
2/29: Share some memes with your bestie.