Horoscopes for Short Attention Spans – December 2023


* Read Sun, Moon, and Rising
** Take what resonates and leave the rest
*** The date is the exactitude of a transit, but the energies will be felt for the days surrounding! 


12/3: Relationship dramarama! Mind your obsessions; power struggles are at the ready.
12/7: Need to ask for a raise? Or clear the air with a coworker? Today’s your day!
12/9: Just because you got the raise, doesn’t mean you have to spend it all at once. Watch out for overspending!
12/12: Don’t text your ex. Start a meditation practice instead!
12/16: Not a great day for edibles. Experiment with a natural high.
12/20: Risks come in all shapes and sizes; don’t write checks your ass can’t cash!
12/22: A little ego flare at work. It’s ok to be wrong, but today it’ll be hard.
12/26: Big feelings abound, but this is NOT the day to hash them out with others.
12/28: Sit on your hands. How’s that meditation practice going? Maybe today you try yoga!









12/3: “If you’re not first, you're last.” - Ricky Bobby. Spoiler alert: that is NOT true.
12/5: A great day for a first date, or a deep dive with your honey.
12/7: Healing feels possible to you today - via therapy or spirituality. Your call!
12/9: Get cute, get flirty, but don’t get too serious.
12/12: You can revisit old ideas today, but don’t commit to anything.
12/16: Take a bath, read a book, protect your boundaries.
12/20: Flirty surprises; Take a chance. Give them your entire phone number.
12/22: Yes, mercury is still retrograde. Yes, that’s why things are so dumb.
12/26: Feelings are not facts, and the messages you’re receiving aren’t either.
12/28: You’re exhausted. Curl up on the couch and watch that entire series.









12/3: Power struggles can be fun, but not these. Not today.
12/5: Wonderful day to organize your office or work space.
12/7: Let yourself be vulnerable and honest.
12/12: A fresh start for matters of the heart; but you really don’t need “closure” with that one ex.
12/16: May I suggest boundaries?
12/18: A great day for revisiting an old idea with new optimism.
12/20: Sudden inspiration to add excitement to your every day.
12/22: Your ideas aren’t the only ones. And that’s ok!
12/26: The feelings are big and the communication isn’t clear. Take today off.
12/27: You’ve had this fight before. Is this the hill you want to die on?
12/28: Suggestion? Practice safe sex!








12/3: One of those days where you just can’t let it go.
12/5: Create something today.
12/7: Spend time with the people who make you feel safe.
12/9: Take creative risks, not financial ones.
12/12: A routine you used to love, but lost along the way? Try starting that again!
12/16: The word of the day? Muddled. Take it easy.
12/20: Surprising inspiration or even a more surprising person. Don’t block your blessings.
12/22: Being wrong doesn’t make you unloveable; but being right and beating them over the head with it might.
12/26: You have the space for these emotions, but you don’t have the words.
12/27: Try not to pick a fight or defend yourself with harsh words.
12/28: Let yourself rest. The holidays are exhausting.








12/3: Hyperfocusing on everything that isn’t going your way gives you wrinkles!
12/5: Are you hosting for the holidays? Deck the halls! A great day for decor.
12/7: Schedule the important work meetings for today!
12/9: Generosity and creativity is yours for the taking (and giving.)
12/12: Let your light shine through a newly opened door. But don’t commit to anything just yet.
12/16: It’s ok to keep some of yourself just for you.
12/18: Revisit some old brainstorming sessions. The answer might be there.
12/20: A last minute holiday party at your house? Why not?!
12/26: Spend time alone today. You’ll be so glad you did.
12/27: If you have to work today, watch how many times you say “per my last email.”
12/28: Safe sex? Tres chic.







12/3: Got your mind on your money and your money on your mind. To a fault today.
12/5: Let your siblings set you up on a blind date!
12/7: A dinner party with your nearest and dearest.
12/12: Explore some old creative outlets. There’s something brewing.
12/15: Some exercise is somatic therapy. Exercise (or is it exorcise) the demons!
12/16: Practice boundaries between your family and your romantic life.
12/20: Some surprising news from home.
12/22: A day when your opinions feel more like facts than usual.
12/26: You’re not who you once were and neither are they. Today is the day to accept that, not to pick it apart.
12/28: Don’t compromise your boundaries for the illusion of intimacy.








12/3: It’s not about you, even if it feels like it.
12/5: Do people still balance their checkbooks? A great day to work with a budget.
12/7: Let yourself be honest and close with the people you love.
12/9: Maybe a windfall. Maybe you had a little extra in the budget to buy yourself a treat. Libra math!
12/12: If you can avoid it, don’t sign a lease today. If you must – double, triple check it.
12/16: Lay low today. When was the last time you picked up a book?
12/18: A walk down memory lane with old friends.
12/20: More Libra math! A surprise flash sale on the exact gifts you still need to buy.
12/26: Feeling some type of way about your career. Now is the day to feel, not to problem solve.
12/28: Skip the workout today.








12/3: Avoid the compare and despair of social media today.
12/5: Give yourself a facial. Take a selfie.
12/7: Make a gratitude list. Share it with your person.
12/9: Go on a date – with yourself (or someone else if you’re feeling generous.)
12/12: Consider your finances. Review how your life works with or against your goals.
12/16: Things that are boundaries – budgets, condoms, the unfollow button.
12/18: Interview your partner. Ask new questions.
12/20: Experiment – new people, new foods, new places.
12/25: Let today be dreamy. Don’t ask too many questions.
12/26: Don’t spend money today. Your math will be off.
12/28: The last week of the year is meant to be spent on the couch. That’s the order of things.








12/3: Don’t compare your resources to other people’s excess.
12/7: Invite your besties over for a BYOP pizza party.
12/12: Revisiting new parts of yourself CAN be a fresh start.
12/15: Explore somatic therapy…
12/16: And use today to recover.
12/18: Invest in things that will make your daily routine more delicious.
12/20: Rare access to a lovely, deep treasure within.
12/26: The feelings are pouring out of you today. Don’t try to understand them.
12/27: Don’t try to cut through the confusion with force. You’ll end up injuring yourself and others in the process.
12/28: Be gentle with your physical body today. Naps are allowed.








12/3: A power struggle at work. Keep your eyes on your own paper.
12/5: Organize a group hang with your favorite folks.
12/7: Let yourself play. Interview your inner child.
12/9: Sign up for a pottery class with some friends.
12/12: The only commitments you should be making today are to yourself.
12/16: Spend today in one of those recliner movie-theaters as a form of escape.
12/20: Take that sudden inspiration. Act on it.
12/22: Your ego might commit to an idea today before you do.
12/26: Your feelings are a loaded weapon. Don’t point them at others.
12/28: Take a break.








12/3: Not everyone will appreciate your noble values. Don’t let it get to you.
12/7: Reconnect with where you come from.
12/9: You’ll gain favor at the holiday work party. No work party? Host your own!
12/12: Explore new connections. Revisit old ones. But don’t text your ex.
12/16: Don’t offer resources you don’t have. Your presence is enough.
12/18: A pre-holiday therapy appointment? Yes, please.
12/20: Work from home today. Use your phone as a hot spot if the internet goes down.
12/26: Maybe don’t book that very expensive vacation today.
12/28: In fact, don’t buy it today either. You can take a break from exactly where you are.








12/3: Don’t be fooled by FOMO. You’re not missing anything.
12/5: It’s ok to buy yourself a responsible, small treat today. The universe approves.
12/7: Treat your professional mentor to a coffee today. Be honest about where you’re at.
12/9: Meditate somewhere cozy.
12/12: A new professional world is on the horizon. But don’t sign on the dotted line yet.
12/16: It’s hard to understand and to be understood today.
12/20: Explore new ways of connecting to something bigger than yourself.
12/22: Friendships are bigger than disagreements.
12/26: Paint your feelings onto paper. Don’t try to communicate them with words.
12/28: Battle lines are fuzzy. Don’t commit to a side until you know where it begins and ends.