Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What information does Carley need for a painting or a reading?

A: Carley will need your birth time, birth date, and birth place. There are options for services without a birth time, but for more information, send an email to


Q: I don't have my birth time, can I still have a birth chart painted?

A: Yes, but it's important to know that the chart will default to a Natural House System (meaning the houses and ascendant and Midheaven point won't be accounted for in the painting.)


Q: What house system does Carley use?

A: Carley uses the Campanus house system for readings and defaults to Campanus for paintings. Paintings can be accommodated using other house systems if noted in the order notes.


Q: Does a birth chart painting include a reading with Carley?

A: No. Birth chart analysis readings are a separate service for purchase.


Q: I need to reschedule my reading with Carley. Help!

A: Readings can be rescheduled without penalty up to 2 hours before the scheduled time. Email 


Q: Do you offer any ready-made paintings for chart input?

A: Visit Carley's Etsy shop for ready-made paintings, if they're available.


Q: I'd like a painting larger than the 9"x12" offering. Does Carley take commissions? 

A: Yes! Carley takes commissions based on availability. Please reach out to