Chart Reading Testimonials

"My birth chart reading with Carley was amazing!! Carley has such a gift! Carley provided me with guidance and clarity about so many aspects of my life and my personality. I left the reading feeling like I much better understood why I do what I do and why I am how I am. Do you ever feel like you are kicking ass in some aspects of your life, but in others you can't seem to get it right? Well I went into my reading with Carley feeling exactly this way. Carley helped me to understand some things that might be getting in my way and I left the reading feeling extremely hopeful that I can move in a positive direction towards change because of the understanding and guidance Carley provided. I will absolutely be returning for more readings with Carley!!" - Kaylan D., Los Angeles, CA


"Carley is a gifted astrologer. Her ability to hold space for, explain, support, and mirror my chart back to me and with me -- all at once -- was the most affirming experience for which I could have asked. I've waited a long time to have my natal chart read, and I'm so glad Carley was the first person to do so. I feel like I have such a better understanding of my life, my identity, my experiences, and the many ways I can work with the things that are both in place and in transit. I can't recommend her enough." - Caroline R., New York, NY


"Whoa! This was the most detailed, accurate in-depth, reading I’ve ever had. I’ve had plenty where I could kind of make them fit, or “yeah I want that to be true, or, I hope that’s true.” But this was like truth bomb after truth bomb that I could not deny. Mind blown! Immediately told all my friends. Carley has a total gift. You can’t fake it. She’s legit." - Laura M., Boston, MA