April 2024 Horoscopes FSAS (for short attention spans)


* Read Sun, Moon, and Rising
** Take what resonates and leave the rest
*** The date is the exactitude of a transit, but the energies will be felt for the days surrounding.
**** These horoscopes are a generalization. For insight specific to you, book a reading!

4/1: For the rest of the month, do your best to take thorough notes.
4/3: You deserve care. And the best care comes from within.
4/4: A little glow up never hurt anyone.
4/6: If you must, do it today.
4/8: Telling you to pause today might feel like cleaning up a flood with a straw, but do what you can.
4/10: Stretch before bed.
4/11: Your identity is more than your opinions.
4/15: You’ve got your mind on your problems and your problems on your mind.
4/19: Charming and charmed.
4/20: Buy that lotto ticket.
4/21: How you feel isn’t necessarily how they treated you.
4/25: Sweet, sweet relief.
4/28: Rest. A lot.
4/30: Your values are yours, and that’s great. But their values get to be theirs, too.


4/1: For the rest of the month, practice journaling daily.
4/3: You can love them, but you don’t need to sacrifice for them.
4/4: Practice caring for yourself.
4/6: Treat yourself.
4/8: You don’t have all the information, even if it feels like you do.
4/10: Work diligently but don’t expect immediate results.
4/11: You are not your darkest thoughts.
4/15: Have you shared the stories you tell yourself with others?
4/19: There might be hiccups, but today your efforts pay off.
4/20: You could surprise yourself.
4/21: Lick your wounds, but don’t make them other people’s problems.
4/25: Deep breath.
4/28: Schedule a couch sesh with your nearest and dearest.
4/30: Obsession is more closely related to control than it is love.

4/1: For the rest of the month, assume anything you say about someone will get back to them, so tread lightly.
4/3: Let the devotion express itself in creativity, not in martyrdom.
4/6: There is power in beauty.
4/8: There is more to the story. Let the truth come to you.
4/10: Frustration abounds, but do what you can.
4/11: It’s hard to see the forest for the trees.
4/15: Is that what they said or is it what your heard?
4/19: Mend fences.
4/20: Explore new ways of connecting with yourself.
4/21: Try not to overcompensate.
4/25: Clear the air.
4/28: You’re not doing what you think you’re doing.
4/30: Some reassurance can only come from within.

4/1: For the rest of the month, double check the to, cc, and bcc lines before pressing send.
4/3: You can adore them without kissing their feet.
4/6: Go deep for the inspiration on this one.
4/8: You aren’t seeing what other people are seeing. Make room for more.
4/10: Being thorough is annoying and very necessary.
4/11: Reconsider some old ideas.
4/15: Imposter syndrome is not honest.
4/19: Charm AND luck?! Yes, please.
4/20: Expand those horizons.
4/21: External validation is fleeting.
4/25: Wipe that brow.
4/28: Meditate straight into nap time.
4/30: No, “everyone” is not hanging out without you.


4/1: For the rest of the month, consider an itinerary, but don’t book anything yet.
4/3: Try soul gazing, but don’t get lost in there.
4/6: Splurge on the matching luggage set.
4/8: Your understanding of the world is due for a big change.
4/10: Do your due diligence. Especially now.
4/11: Being wrong does not equal being bad.
4/15: Give yourself a break today.
4/19: It’s giving speed dating.
4/20: Go viral.
4/21: You are more than what people think of you.
4/25: What have you learned?
4/28: Use protection.
4/30: Block them.

4/1: From now through the end of the month, be more selective with where your secrets go.
4/3: Humans are fallible. Even the human of your dreams.
4/6: Let joy be your guide today.
4/8: You don’t need to seek it out, it will be revealed in time.
4/10: Frustration in your relationships rears its ugly head today.
4/11: Will the world stop spinning if you’re wrong?
4/15: Today you have a magic magnifying mind – anything you focus on will get bigger.
4/19: You’ll catch more flies with honey.
4/20: Prepare for a pivot.
4/21: Glass houses, Virgo.
4/25: Loosen your grip.
4/28: Let yourself rest.
4/30: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

4/1: For the rest of the month, don’t text your ex. Well, in general, don’t text your ex.
4/3: Your body is asking for a break. Listen closely.
4/6: Wine and dine and…
4/8: You are not playing with a full deck at the moment. More will be revealed.
4/10: 2 steps forward, 1 step back.
4/11: A disagreement doesn’t need to be a value assessment.
4/15: Some bells can’t be unrung.
4/19: Date. Night.
4/20: I smell tax return.
4/21: Feelings aren’t facts.
4/25: Look for clarity.
4/28: Mind your physical body. Rest is as important as movement.
4/30: You can’t obsess your way into control.

4/1: For the rest of the month, write all of your plans down in a calendar. You’re prone to double book.
4/3: Idealism is a fantasy. Be realistic about that.
4/6: Go ahead. You’re worth it.
4/8: Prepare for a new norm.
4/10: It only feels like you’re stuck in the mud. These efforts aren’t for nothing.
4/11: Are you experiencing tunnel vision?
4/15: Self doubt is a terrible narrator.
4/19: Let yourself charm and be charmed.
4/20: When you know, you know.
4/21: Productivity does not equal worthiness.
4/25: Take the day off, you’ve earned it.
4/28: Mind your exposure.
4/30: Could you be more stubborn?

4/1: For the rest of the month, reread your old journal entries for forgotten inspiration.
4/3: I understand service is a love language, but not when it becomes self-sacrifice.
4/6: Go to the best restaurant in town. Get what you want. Price be damned.
4/8: There’s more to this puzzle. Make room for it.
4/10: Wash the baseboards.
4/11: The loudest voice in the room isn’t usually the wisest.
4/15: Today your aim is off. Take a beat.
4/19: Trust your instincts today. Have fun with it.
4/20: Catching all the green lights on the way to work. Nice!
4/21: Self doubt has snuck in and is coming out sideways. Breathe.
4/25: Move on.
4/28: Take the longest nap and feel zero regrets.
4/30: Put your phone on dnd.

4/1:For the rest of the month, did you try unplugging it first?
4/3: Allow yourself fantasy, but stop before delusion.
4/6: Invest in the new couch why dontcha?
4/8: Home is where the heart is. You just misplaced it is all.
4/10: Frustrations ABOUND. Take it easy.
4/11: Disagreements don't have to be personal.
4/15: Don’t think yourself into an argument.
4/19: If today was in book form: How to Win Friends and Influence People.
4/20: Follow today’s inspiration.
4/21: Your way or the highway, but is your way truly better?
4/25: Sign the paperwork after today.
4/28: Give everyone the day off.
4/30: Focus on the joy you have, not the joy you can’t afford.


4/1: For the remainder of this month, double check who you’re sending that screenshot to.
4/3: Your wallet is leaking.
4/6: Your powers of persuasion are high today.
4/8: Your understanding of the world around you starts on your doorstep.
4/10: Savings are for a rainy day. The forecast calls for scattered showers.
4/11: “That’s how we’ve always done it” is no longer a good enough answer.
4/15: Pessimism disguised as skepticism is still pessimism.
4/19: The wittiest person in the group chat award goes to you.
4/20: Roll the dice today.
4/21: If it’s hysterical, it’s historical.
4/25: Thank goodness for autocorrect, amirite?
4/28: Don’t invest in a gut feeling. Do your due diligence.
4/30: Power struggles at home. Try to pause.

4/1: For the remainder of the month, check on your checking accounts.
4/3: Cosplay as a manic pixie dream girl.
4/6: If you have to charge it, do it today.
4/8: You’ll learn more about the things and people you value soon enough.
4/10: It’s great that you’re doing it, but how’s your form?
4/11: It’s ok to change your mind.
4/15: Worry is wasteful.
4/19: Start a gratitude practice. It’ll be easy today.
4/20: Check your emails for surprise good news.
4/21: Don’t let financial fear cause problems in your relationships.
4/25: And exhale…
4/28: Listen to your body. Epsom salts and naps.
4/30: Social media stalking leads to compare and despair, my friend.